Dog Boarding


Each dog gets there own space so they can feel at home. Your pooch gets there own indoor and outdoor access all day everyday, as well as access to our many yards. If you wish to have them socialized we have many play groups that they can be a part of to make there stay even better. If not thats ok we make sure everyones dog is treated with the care that they can expect form home. 

Checklist: if your dog is new to our kennel or if you're just going away, we like to make sure your pouch is as confutable as possible. 

Bed & toys: If you don't have a bed that's fine we can provide one of our own, however, we do recommend you bringing there own do to the familiar smells that they associate with home.

Food: We can provide our own food that can be Purchased at the time of pick up or before. When boarding we recommend that you bring your own food and not change diet, as this can make them stressed. If your dog is experiencing any issues with itchy ears or biting their paws, this might be a food-related allergy, feel free to call us and we can give our expert opinion. 

  • Notify us of the quantity of food and times of day your dog feed at, changes in this could also cause stress, so we recommend making a note detailing your dog's feeding schedule.    

Medication: Many dogs require different types of medication, our staff is trained in administering medication for any kind of issue that your Pet may have. 

for our profile, we recommend you make a list of how your vet instructed you to administer the medication to limit any risks of confusion. 

Vaccinations: If it's your first time boarding with us we recommend that you have your vaccination information up to date, and you book an appointment with us in advance to make sure your pooch has the proper paper Vaccinations. We take many processions to ensure the safety of the dogs staying with us to prevent the possibility of infections or diseases from harming any pet that stays with us.  To find out more about what vaccinations are required to stay with us CLICK HERE


Tip: when traveling with your pets keep a copy of your vaccination info in the glove box of your car for easy accesses incase of any kind of emergency.     

Cat Boarding 

Cats are often solitary animals that’s why we offer modular cat condos, the condos make it enjoyable for your cat to stay with us, we make sure that their litter changed daily and is kept separate from there main dwelling so your cat can enjoy doing it own cat things. We take time to get to know each and every cat to make sure they adjust properly to their new surroundings. Each cat has there own personality and preferences, where some cats love affection others might not that's why we like to get to know them so they each get the personalized experience they deserve.


We provide our own pine litter to each cat if your cat has its own preference we engage you to bring it’s own.




Food: We recommend you bring your cats food that it’s used to as a change in diet can cause stress.


Bed & Toys: Bringing toys and other confers are encouraged, this will help your cat adjust to its new surroundings and will help keep them from any stress that being away form home might cause.

Medication: Each cat needs its own care, there is no one size fits all, that's why our staff is trained to properly administer any kind of medication that your cat may require. We do encourage owners to notify us if your cat needs medication and how the vet has instructed you to administer it. 


Very Kennel: This is for easy transportation of your cat when it's picked up and dropped off.         

Vaccinations: This is important to being in advance before your cat is boarding. It’s important to make sure that the shots are up to date or we will not be able to board your cat for the reason of keeping them and the other animal’s safe. To find out more about what vaccinations are required to stay with us CLICK HERE


Tip: when traveling with your pets keep a copy of your vaccination info in the glove box of your car for easy accesses incase of any kind of emergency.          

Boarding rates


1  Dog  $20 per day

Dogs $30 per day 

Dogs $40 per day 

Senior dogs 10 and up are an additional $2.00 Per Day

Frequent Clients

Daycare clients, or stays over 3-days, "drop off Friday pick up Sunday". Get a $2 dollar per day discount on the daily boarding rate. 

1 Dog $18.00

2 Dogs $28 (per Dog) 2 Dogs Together

Senior dogs 10 and up are an additional $2.00 Per Day.  

If your dog or pet requires additional care such as insulin, specialty diets like raw diet, or medication please notify in advance of the say to allow us time to make special preparations. fees range anywhere from $1.50-$3.00 per day depending on the care needed.  


$11 Per day 

$10 a day for stays over 3 days

All fees are based on a per calendar day bases. Early Arrivals or Late Pick ups may be subjected to an additional $5. 

Doggie Daycare

Socializing you're pooch is important at all ages. Knowing how to play makes for a happy and healthy Canine, it also keeps your dog Content and helps Minimize separation anxiety, so you don't have to worry about your fury friend when you go away. That's why we take time to get to know you're dogs personality. Before introducing a new dog to a pack, we make a profile based on you're dogs age, size and temperament so they enjoy the time they spend playing. 


We require all new dogs to have vaccinations up dated to ensure the safety of them and the dogs they will be playing with. Before introducing your pooch to a pack we like to get to know them personally to gage who they would get along with best. We take a three step process in finding a pack that would suit your dogs needs. We start with an individual consultation to assess your dogs disposition, then we slowly introduce them to the pack that they will fit in best with. introducing them to the alpha of the pack allows for faster integration with the group and will help gain acceptance among the other dogs.     

Rates Per Dog 

Dogs that stay less than 5 days per month. 

$20 per day

Frequent Clients 

Clients that stay come more than 5 days per month.

Doggie Daycare

$15 (Per day)